WHAT IS 3DIALOG.COM? is an independent service for existing and prospective 3D printer owners.

Rate your 3D printers features and tell the world what’s good, what’s bad or what’s downright ugly!

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Rate 3D printer companies based on a number of parameters and add your personal comments based on your experiences.

  • Easy to rate
  • Multiple rating parameters
  • Efficient and accurate assessment
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We are not affiliated with any 3D printer company, manufacturer or supplier. We are committed to provide an unbiased and fair platform.

  • Unbiased reviews and ratings
  • Not affiliated to any company
  • Support from all corners of the 3D ecosystem
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Friendly Forum

A great forum to join for support and to help other 3D printer users. If you need information, get a helping hand from the community!

  • Free to become a member
  • Openness
  • Supportive community


As experienced users of 3D printers and 3D resources, for a long time we have felt the need for the presence of a global platform,which allows users of 3D equipment to share their experiences and voice opinions on various aspects of 3D printers.

Join and share your 3D experiences with us!
Your views will empower current 3D printer users and enable future 3D printer users to make informed purchase decisions.

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