At be3D, we believe that for the mass proliferation of 3D printers it is important that the technology unites high quality printing, reliability and rather user-friendly environment in itself. Quality printing is commonplace for most manufacturers.

We distinguish by our own custom developed software ‘DeeControl’, thanks to which almost anyone can control our printers easily.

Our printers have automatic bed calibration and control mechanisms that will not allow you to print unless you have set the model correctly.

Within two years of our existence there have been total of 3 printers developed. DeeOrange; the very first elegant printer, now replaced by our flagship DeeGreen; the ecological, user-friendly and safe to use unite, and finally DeeRed; the world’s second largest serial manufactured 3D printer.

There is a lot of work behind the printers – in all our departments, from development to manufacture, marketing and sales; attending various exhibitions such as London and Paris 3D PrintShow, Frankfurt’s EuroMold, and some other events showing the world that 3D printing can be done with elegance.

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CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUALITY: Quality of Written Instructions ( 0 )
CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUALITY: Quality of Verbal Instructions ( 0 )
CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUALITY: Timeliness of Response ( 0 )
CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUALITY: Accuracy of Response ( 0 )
CUSTOMER SUPPORT QUALITY: Manufacturer Goodwill ( 0 )
PRINT QUALITY: Resolution ( 0 )
PRINT QUALITY: Surface Smoothness ( 0 )
PRINT QUALITY: Print Reliability ( 0 )
PRINT QUALITY: Build Material Quality ( 0 )
PRINT QUALITY: Support Material Quality ( 0 )
HARDWARE QUALITY: Hardware Ease of Use ( 0 )
HARDWARE QUALITY: Hardware Reliability ( 0 )
HARDWARE QUALITY: Ease of Preventive Maintenance ( 0 )
HARDWARE QUALITY: Hardware Upgradeability ( 0 )
SOFTWARE QUALITY: Software Ease of Use ( 0 )
SOFTWARE QUALITY: Software Reliability ( 0 )
SOFTWARE QUALITY: Software Upgradeability ( 0 )
COST: Printer/Device ( 0 )
COST: Technical Support ( 0 )
COST: Print Material ( 0 )
COST: Spare Parts ( 0 )
SYSTEM: System uptime ( 0 )

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