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Boots Industries LogoBoots Industries was founded in 2012 by Jean Le Bouthillier, MSc and François Crête, BEng. The goal was to create the best place online for makers to learn about 3D printing and other potential mechatronics projects.

The initial 3D printer offering is focused on a low cost Rostock model and a very high end “gantry crane type”, the FelixPrinter 2.0. Both printers are offered fully assembled and calibrated or in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits.

In support of our 3D printer offering, we carry Super Premium 1.75 mm PLA with exacting tolerances on diameter and roundness. We strive to contribute to the “Open Source” community by publishing our designs and writing articles that offer information to the community.

Boots Industries is currently operating from Quebec city, Canada and plans to expand its offering to include high performance/low cost 3D printers to make 3D printing more accessible. Our team is currently working on a new 3D printer design that aims to push the 3D printing price point lower while retaining acceptable quality.

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