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This service is launched with the intention of establishing an objective forum where facts and practical experience may be presented in a balanced way. Producers have the possibility of publishing their official comments and arguments at the forum.

The focus is on assisting users in sharing their experiences and views regarding the technology, technical support, prices and customer relations of different producers of 3D equipment. The intention is to offer an effective and commercially independent guidance for those who consider investing in 3D equipment.

Producers of 3D equipment are given ratings by users within a number of significant categories. The ratings are a valuable tool for purchasers in forming an opinion about which producer and supplier to give priority to in their purchase decision.



  • Facilitate Information Exchange – Provide a platform that will enable the exchange of valuable experiences and information about 3D printers.

  • Guide – Guide the users/owners about 3D printers and 3D printer companies in a worthwhile way.



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