3Dialog is a newly developed manufacturing method based on genuine experience and innovative creativity, aiming to produce the most precise and high-detail industrial-quality parts made of practically all metal types.

3Dialog fits the needs of large established companies using 3D-based mass production, as well as new small entrepreneurial businesses. Our additive manufacturing process offers a moderate monetary expense, yielding an unmatched return on investment. 

The first version of our machines, the CERACASTER® A4001, has begun an internal testing phase in our first Swedish service bureau. 

Several representative users will evaluate the machines. After this testing period, the CERACASTER® A4001 will be available globally.

Purchase options, as well as shipping terms and pricing information, will be published here shortly.

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Key features of the 3Dialog CERACASTER®

  • High-resolution industrial-grade desktop 3D printer 
  • Footprint (width x depth): 980 mm x 700 mm (39 x 27,5 inches)
  • Weight: 111kg (245 lbs)
  • Build volume (width x depth x height): 280 x 190 x 150 mm (11 x 7.4 x 5,9 inches) 
  • Resolution (in X, Y and Z): 
    • Fine: 0.01 mm (0.00039 inches)
    • Standard: 0.03 mm (0.00118 inches)
    • Draft: 0.06 mm (0.00236 inches)

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